Diamante pintura de Hacer diamantes diferencia de Precio suplemento de Re-enviar falta de diamantes


Este enlace es: agregar diferencia de precio de Re-enviar falta diamantes, por Favor, compre con cuidado

  • Color: 445
  • Tipo De Elemento: Suplemento

Etiquetas: fee, extra, iptv, Suplemento, nave, extra gratis, cargo extra de pago, Pasto-sintetico-chile.cl, hookah shisha, Vip.

Tatarochka 96 30
Nickel, missing diamonds arrived quickly, thank you to the seller
orders an diamond painting, they forget to put in a collor, have to pay for the collor AGAIN, they promised me my money back but 3 months later still dont have it they are frauds! scammers!!! they forget diamonds in your first order so they can ask you money again! and they never pay back te money as promised DONT BUY HERE!!!!!!!!

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